13 Reasons to Visit a Working Winery

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Why Visit a Working Winery?

What do we mean by a working winery? A working winery is where all the winemaking actions take place. From bud break to harvest, to fermentation and aging; you can see it all at a working winery.

reasons to visit a wineryTake a vineyard walk

Walking in a winery’s vineyards can be a memorable experience that allows you to connect with the land, the wine, and the people who make it. It can deepen your appreciation for wine and enhance your understanding of where wine begins.

The winery will also have a tasting room where visitors can taste the wine and food-pairing options, and tour the wine cellar.

Today in wine country, especially Napa and Sonoma, many tasting rooms are only for tasting. You cannot see how wine is made, but only taste the wine. Moreover, these tasting rooms are generally in the towns and not on the outskirts, where one can experience the beauty of wine country. These tasting rooms are fun to visit but not as much fun as visiting a working winery.

Here are 13 reasons for you to visit a working winery.

  1. Enjoying the beauty and excitement of a winery
  2. Taking a tour is educational
  3. Walking the vineyards is emotional
  4. Tasting the wine is enjoyable
  5. Meeting the staff is fun – owners, winemakers, and hospitality hosts
  6. Seeing the barrel room
  7. Learning about the fermentation tanks
  8. Picnicking in the vineyards
  9. Exploring the wine caves
  10. Buying wine
  11. Buying wine merchandise – T shirts, hats, etc.
  12. Learning about wine and food pairing; booking a wine and pairing session
  13. Joining a wine club – only if you like the wine, it is a good deal, they have lots of events, and only have certain wine for wine club members

Wine Regions – Where to you want to go in wine country?

Check here to find all the wine regions we cover in California.
Then, check the wine trails and routes in a region. Decide where you want to go and enjoy.

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