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My name is Jim but on this page I use the nom de plume, sommelier.

I’m not really a sommelier, I just like wine.

Wines come in all price ranges and containers.

It wasn’t so long ago that people looked down their noses at screw tops and boxed wines. Today, they are a staple of  people of all ages and incomes.

The videos you see on this site are from many existing sources on YouTube. I’ve used many of them as is, and have to say there is a variety that should satisfy every person’s taste.

They are not mine, what you see is what the person presented. I own an advertising company that keeps me busy so I use cheap wine reviews for ideas on what to try and buy.

Getting around the site is easy. Click On all Videos to see all about wine. Then I added categories by areas know for producing wine.  Use the search box on the top or just scroll and look around. The last time I looked their were many videos with all types of reviews and information.

Enjoy the site. If you have a video you want to add just send me a message by clicking here.


AKA The Sommelier