Bottle lamp kit, with 9mm Glass Drill bit, Works with Wine Bottle or Any Other Glass Liquor Bottles, UNO Slip-on Socket 8 ft Black Cord UL Listed lamp Wiring Parts.

, , Do you want to make your own custom lamp?
Are you looking for the best bottle lamp wiring kit on the market?!
Well search no more because you’ve come to the right place..
The Perfect DIY project with unlimited customization!
You can take any size bottle and re-purpose it to make a neat lamp! What better way to keep something sentimental or even gift a bottle to a fellow Wine or beverage lover!
You can customize with any shade, decorative bulbs, or bulb covers, many customers think out of the box and create new and exciting lamps for their home and living spaces. This lamp wiring kit comes with a 3 way socket with low, medium and high setting, hardware to mount, 3 cork sizes which will fit any size bottle, 1 glass and ceramic drill bit with an 8 ft black cord. The glass bit can be a little trickey so attempt at your own risk, there must be a constant stream of water you don’t need a lot but it keeps the glass bits from scratching and creating too much heat. Also to keep the bit from skipping and getting a good bite on the glass use a kitchen sponge and cut a V into it like in the above photo for more control. Press gently not too hard or you’ll fracture the glass or worse break the bottle! Good luck! and be safe!
Not all all lamps are created equal!
Here is why you should choose this lamp kit:

  • The uno-slip socket allows for easy to find lamp shades!
  • Pre-assembled for ease of use, or the option to get even more creative with the glass bit!
  • Fun DIY project that will keep you busy and feeling accomplished not to mention what a great gift or another way to show off your creativity!
  • Cost effective! You can make these lamps to start a side business and sell to friends or even get on ETSY.
    So what are you still waiting for?
    Just Click “Add To Cart” and make it yours today!

【GET CREATIVE】This kit can be used to display a favorite drink maybe re-purpose a celebration or sentimental bottle, even something to show off with friends like a rare wine !
【WORKS WITH ALL BOTTLES】Wine, Whiskey, Vodka, Beer, Soda pop, you name it! With all 3 different sized tapered corks this kit will fit any bottle!
【QUALITY PARTS-DIRECTIONS INCLUDED】This kit comes complete with a slip-on UNO socket for lamp shades, a 150 watt 3 way socket, 8 ft black cord, and a glass drill bit for those who want to go the extra mile and hide the cord in the bottle! The directions included will provide step by step how to drill into your bottle and make your bottle into a lamp with the cord inside the bottle!
【30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】Not the right bottle kit for you? No problem! Our hassle free money back guarantee ensures you won’t regret your purchase!, $13.99, $13.99



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