Calais Winery – A visit to Texas’ French Winery

Take a look inside Calais Winery where you’ll find a refreshing approach to winemaking.

Meet winemaker Benjamin Calais, born and raised in the old world – Calais, France. Benjamin gives us a tour of the winery and a look into the bottling process.

Calais Winery is located in Hye, TX right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Original Score “Cuvee de Elme” by Nick Austen
Produced by Steel Vinyl Productions

Why Try Argentinean Wine? Why Not?

I became intrigued with brand-new varietals of a glass of wine and that led to new areas of the World that are recognized for some various varietals. Better, I familiarized some renowned California a glass of wine manufacturers that were beginning procedures in Argentina. That produced the best storm: Why not discover white wines from various other parts of the Globe? Argentina has a fun as well as open society that is currently famous for greater than just the Tango, gaucho’s, and also fine beef.

Five Things Every Bartender Should Know About Serving Draft Beer

Offering draft beer doesn’t have to be made complex. These 5 fundamental tips will certainly help anybody be a much better bartender.

Tips for Your First Trip to a Winery

Traveling to a vineyard is a whole lot of enjoyable. If you’ve never been, these helpful ideas will help make your journey a success.

Tips for Budget Wine Tours

Wine excursions can be a fascinating tour for anyone with a love for fine beverage. The adhering to pointers can assist you discover wineries without breaking the bank.

4 Popular Types of Shot Glasses

A shot glass is a favorite selection for offering strong liqueurs as well as spirits, as well as small alcoholic drinks. These glasses are an excellent choice for alcohol consumption bourbon, sambuca, vodka, or tequila in a quick-fire manner.

Direct To Consumer Wine Distribution Is A Growing Trend

Straight To Customer is hassle-free, economical and also opens up a variety of a glass of wine acquiring choices. In the last ten years the DtC network of distribution has actually expanded by almost 70%. With 8,600 wineries in the U.S. as well as several labels withing each vineyard, the options are like a youngster in a sweet-shop.

The Wine Industry Is Not Exempt From Changes In Consumer Preferences

I can keep in mind going with a phase where the Tempranillo varietal was my favorite; its been one decade considering that I have consumed this white wine; simply not interested any extra. When you believe about it, wine additionally has a style component. Maybe Syrah remains in the stage of change.

Wine Cellars Are Coming Back Into Fashion, But They Come With A Price

With residence prices supporting as well as brand-new construction on the surge, custom-made wine rack are becoming an appealing option in that brand-new residence. A great deal of layout choices, using exotic timbers, lights, as well as functions, can provide you a storage with a lot of wow aspect. Placing red wine racks under a stairwell and also calling it a red wine storage isn’t what I am believing.

The Process of Getting Wine to the Consumer Is A Circuitous Process

Numerous individuals take for approved that wine adheres to the exact same process as claim milk takes jumping on the shelf. Not true. The process actually started at the repeal of Restriction in 1933-Prohibition was in impact for 14 years. To replace government control of alcohol the federal government allowed the individual states distribute “territories” to the freshly developed system of representatives for a glass of wine, beer and spirits. This “Three Tier System”, as it is called, remains in location to this day-83 years after beginning. The only way for a bottle of red wine to obtain to a shop if using a distributor.

The Health Benefits of Drinking White Wine

When it involves wellness advantages as well as white wine, reds have actually always obtained approval. Actually, white a glass of wine has numerous healthy advantages that appear to obtain forgotten.

Oaxaca, Mexico’s Mezcalerias Reaching Spirit’s Saturation Point?

Mezcal is the renowned agave based Mexican spirit mostly generated in the state of Oaxaca. Therefore of the mezcal boom in the western globe, a spate of mezcal bars or mezcalerías has opened in the state resources over the previous couple of years. The question is if their numbers have actually finally reached the saturation factor, or if there is space for and also indeed a possibility of more opening in the near future.

Bourbon Epidemic

Bourbon sales in the USA have actually never been higher. There is a complete on epidemic taking place. Customers today are willing to pay leading dollar for a container of the most sought after bourbons in the world. With minimal annual launches and extremely collectable containers being sold for over 10 times retail worth, will this fad ever slow down or is this just the beginning?



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