Florida Orange Groves Winery in St. Petersburg, Florida – Travel Highlight with Welcome to Sam José!

Once you dive into the world of wine, you begin to discover new flavors around every corner. Sam and José love these new discoveries and never miss a chance to visit the local wineries while on vacation. While exploring St. Petersburg, Florida, Welcome to Sam José! dive into the wines at Florida Orange Groves Winery during one of their fantastic tastings. Producing wines from a variety of fruit, much of it grown within the state of Florida, this winery has a diverse range of wines to savor. With a focus on fruit-based wines, ranging from tropical fruits like limes and mangos to blueberries and blackberries, their tasting showcased a selection of wine with something for everyone. They even had wine slushy samples! After our tasting, we were able to enjoy a glass of our favorite wine while we enjoyed their very Florida retail shop. This winery provides tours on select days. On the day of our visit, they had a virtual tour video that showcased their wine making process. We have had the chance to tour their production facilities in the past and were impressed by their small but mighty operation. We recommend checking their website or calling ahead to see what experience they are offering during your visit. If you enjoy wine and are in the area, this winery made for a great addition to our vacation itinerary.

Traveling during COVID is possible and can be done safely, and with the consideration of both your health and the health of those around you. We wear our masks when in areas where we aren’t able to social distance, physical distance as much as possible, carry hand sanitizer with us at all times, constantly wipe down our cameras and other items that we touch frequently, and only visit locations that have COVID safety protocols in place. We even adjust our vacation schedules to include a couple of weekdays so we could enjoy more popular attractions and locations when there are less people there. Join us for ideas of what you can do to still get out while also being safe and conscious of the current public health environment.

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This vlog includes examples of Florida living and Florida life, things to do for day dates, and how to take advantage of all the neat experiences in your own backyard. It also tells the story of a gay couple enjoying the world as it should be – accepting of all. Share love always.

*** COVID Note: We take our health and safety seriously. To make these videos, we are researching locations that are strictly adhering to CDC, state, and local recommendations for safe and sanitary operation during the pandemic. We are visiting on less busy days, such as weekdays, and are ensuring we do our part to minimize the spread of the virus. We are also selecting to visit local businesses and offerings, so our money stays local and helps those who need it within our community. If a business is not taking the health and safety of its customers and employees into account, we are choosing not to support their business. It’s the reasonable thing to do during these crazy times.

****More Info: Sam and José work at a winery in Florida where they’ve been exposed to the fundamentals of wine making and the delicate art that is wine tasting. Wine should be accessible to everyone and the guys want you to feel comfortable with the wine you select to enjoy. With the great variety of wines out there we know there’s going to be something for everyone. Cheers!

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Is the Wine Industry Ready for New Label Technology?

Some white wine label web content is required by regulation but that does not indicate labels are to be space of creative thinking. Tags act as a billboard as well as the window whereby consumers obtain the first glimpse right into the soul of a wine. In 3 seconds the label must welcome the customer to check out all the info on the container and choose to attempt. The product will after that determine the future sucess of the product with that said customer. Labels will not make a negative wine excellent. Holograms are currently pressing their means right into the wine label sector because holograms are fun and entertaining. Holograms do welcome customer to discover products and also stimulate sales. 3-D tags have been around for 40 years; simply currently entering into wine.

The Lugana Doc Consortium and Its Wines

Located in the Lake Garda area, the Lugana red wine area supplies great wines whose beginning was licensed in the 1700. The Lugana microclimate, which benefits from the pleasant breezes of Lake Garda, is moderate and also hardly ever based on sharp adjustments in temperature in between all the time. It absolutely is the ideal “weather cradle” for nurturing and also boosting the peculiar qualities of grape cultivars. Discover one of the a glass of wine Italian quality.

How Many Types Of Beer Are Available To Drink?

Keep reading to understand more regarding 23 different kinds of beers. Ale: Originally liquor made from an infusion of malt by fermentation, rather than beer, which was made by the very same process however flavoured with hops. Today ale is used for all beers apart from stout.

Know Your Red Wine Varieties

If you’re having a dinner event and also have no idea of the distinction in between a shiraz as well as a cabernet you need to get enlightened! Knowing your a glass of wine ranges and also the foods they need to be coupled with will impress your guests and also enable for some interesting subjects of discussion as you give pearls of wisdom. Review our post to figure out more concerning merlots as well as where the originate from.

It’s Easy To Find Breweries Near Me If I Do This

You might be stating to no person particularly, “Hey, I really wish to discover breweries near me, yet I have no suggestion where to look or just how to even begin searching.” It could be important to start by attempting to specifying what it is you are searching for in a brewery.

Latest Wine Trends in the US and UK

A glass of wine is ending up being a lot more popular than ever. As a matter of fact it is taking over from beer as the UK and also United States’s favourite alcohol. It has less calories than beer as well as brew, which may be one reason why this is so. What’s your favourite tipple? Has this transformed in the last five years?

Fixing Wine Stained Lips and Teeth After Red Wine

Having difficulty getting rid of those red wine discolorations on your teeth and also lips? We have some ideas that will aid! Learn more …

Reinventing Mezcal Anejo and Con Gusano

Aged mezcals and those infused with “the worm” or trick gusano, recently have actually not obtained the respect was worthy of from either merchants or the so called professionals in the spirits sector. Their dogmatism lacks benefit and also adversely impacts the imbibing public. Some create that aged mezcal such as reposado and also anejo is not conventional mezcal. Nothing can be further from the truth. Others write that anything other than clear unaged mezcal masks the natural tastes of the agave. But if it does so in a favorable way, what right do they have to tell us what to drink and also what not to consume alcohol.

Stick a Cork in It

White wine makes the world go ’round, or so it appears. We have a continuous choice of types, country beginnings and also rates to please any kind of scheme. Much of the globe has been drinking for centuries, as a drink in congratulatory occasions and in spiritual events. Cooks have actually included it in their prize recipes, and also countries export countless bottles of their site ranges yearly. It seems the U.S. was late to the celebration, choosing ale as well as alcoholic drinks to our forefathers’ red wines, however in the last couple of decades we have actually come to be an advanced population of a glass of wine enthusiasts, not the least of which is our very own The golden state bounty. Grapes have been grown for centuries, as well as the beginnings might stun you. So relax, pour yourself a glass as well as check out up on red wine.

When It Comes to Wine, Do As The Romans Did

Since we want making organic red wine, it seems an excellent suggestion to restore old wine-making practices. Researchers from the College of Catania in Sicily have begun to make white wine as the Romans did two thousand years earlier. They are trying to find out if it is feasible to make a glass of wine in the very same method as the old Romans did.

Breweries Near Me Every Beer Lover Needs To Know About

If you’re a follower of televised sports, you are, no uncertainty, full mindful of the amount of cash that is invested by major beer suppliers for marketing. The insane thing is that although their names are extremely well-known, even by non-beer drinkers, you do frequently find yourself asking the inquiry, “Are there any type of breweries near me?” Additionally, exist any type of that definitely need to be found out about?

10 Delicious Grocery Store Wine and Cheese Pairings

If you are a fan of scrumptious charcuterie and elegant wine, then you need to find out just how to reconcile both globes right at your local food store. You can find excellent pairings at a cost-effective cost!



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