Is this the bitter end for Trump? 😳 Plus Pat Robertson, Steve Bannon, Fox suing Tucker, kosher wine

For entertainment purposes only. Just one guy’s waking dream, right?

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In other news:

A) The ebook versions of the Believing book, ‘Force of Habit’, and MasterPeace’ are, as usual, to be found on Amazon. ‘Why Your Life Matters’ is no longer available in paperback, only as an ebook on Amazon.

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C) Newspaper headlines used in the video are included without the introductory phrase, “And this is how The Washington Post described it’ or ‘Here’s what Forbes said on this topic last week’ etc. This saves space and repetition, but that’s what is originally intended. Excerpts from books, poetry, or other media are included under the doctrine of fair use.

And finally, a word to all my darling commenters…

I love hearing from you, even if you’re being critical, but especially if you’re not. Your ideas for topics for pictures are also appreciated.

However, there are some things that are not acceptable. Cross these boundaries a little bit and your comment will be deleted. Cross them a lot and you will be blocked. Please bear in mind that I curate hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of comments each week, and so will generally skip or delete argumentative or vexatious people.

Anyway, here they are, listed in no particular numerical order:

1) No spam, scams, bots, fake information, links to porno sites, gaslighting, or phony opinions presented as real comments.

2) No abuse, vulgarity, insults, or cursing. Don’t be rude to – or about – me, or about other commenters, readers, etc. Say what you like, by all means, but try to be kind, polite, pleasant, and constructive.

3) Do not post bogus invitations that suggest viewers check out ‘my’ Instagram or Telegram page or that they should have a personal reading from me. I will NEVER send you an invite or contact you directly. I don’t even contact my friends directly, so, rest assured, if it looks like I’m instigating an interaction, it’s a scam.

4) No promoting products or websites. If you’ve written a book or put out your own video, I applaud you. But my comments section is the wrong outlet for plugging it.

5) No promoting other readers. This is a regrettable one. I have no objection to readers being referred to – of course. Some of them are terrific. However, a handful of viewers insist on plugging two readers in particular, and they do it relentlessly. It’s never anyone else, always these two, and seems to be a conspicuous organized recruitment drive by their fan club, trying to harvest my subscribers. Because of that, I have to enforce this rule strictly. Bummer, but that’s just how it is.

6) No time-stamping my videos. In other words, no going through the episode, noting the time that each topic begins, and posting an itemized list. We live in an increasingly divided and segmented world where people confine their focus solely to things that concern them, shutting out everything else, especially stuff that’s happening in other countries. This viewpoint is unsustainable when the very survival of humanity depends on everyone pulling together as one. Time-stamping is not conducive to that. Please don’t do it.

In addition, and as a makeshift number 7…

Unless I know you personally, please do not send me unsolicited mail, friend requests on FB, follow requests on Instagram, marriage proposals, or snapshots of: a) your cat; b) you posing in a low-cut ball-gown or bikini. If it can’t be said or shown in the comments section, I guarantee I won’t want to see it privately. Again, even my friends know not to send me stuff, so I’d be grateful if you would refrain too.

And now, Olive needs her filet mignon, so I must go. Thank you for your attention.

By: Cash Peters
Title: Is this the bitter end for Trump? 😳 Plus Pat Robertson, Steve Bannon, Fox suing Tucker, kosher wine
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