KITVINOUS Wine Opener, Premium Wing Corkscrew with No-Stick Worm, Multi-functional Wine Bottle Opener for Wine and Beer Bottles, Upgraded

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Kitvinous Wine Accessories

The Kitvinous product collection is fit for home and commercial. Our goal is to bring a great experience to every customer

Origin of our story

We’re a group of wine lovers. Products incorporate the ideas of wine lovers and enhance the wine experience. We are committed to making things simpler, and bringing Kitvinous to you.

What benefits of our products?

Kitvinous line of products inspires taste life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of wine. A good experience will make you feel the joy of wine in advance.

Our original intention

Our team’s innovation in wine accessories determines how we should do it. Our goal is to bring a great experience to every customer. Kitvinous can be an important part of every occasion.

Wine opener

Wine Accessories


Kitvinous line of products inspires taste life.

Good wine opener are the start of a wine tasting and the basis for building friendships.

Kitvinous is planning how to become the first choice of wine lovers. Making it better for you to enjoy wine without having to be a sommelier. Our wine accessories save time to a large extent.

Never Mess A Cork – Upgraded wine bottle opener is a better tool that lets you remove the cork. Simply position the wine opener above the cork, the self-centering bottom will fit the bottle in any size, and it will avoid weird angles to broken corks.
Multipurpose – Cork screw comes with a built-in bottle opener. It allows you to open any beverage or soda or beer bottle cap with ease and without adding an extra utensil in your kitchen.
Effortless design – The bottle opener’s curved 4 swing was a standout feature, this made pulling on the handle much more effortless and gave a wine enthusiast confidence that the hand wouldn’t slip.
Detail Matters – Thanks to an upgraded even worm, that improves the grip and minimizes the crumbling of the cork. The quality guaranteed that the wine corkscrew can remove any natural or synthetic cork in just 5 turns or less.
List Price: $19.99



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