Lilu Living Bamboo Outdoor Portable Picnic Wine/Snack Table – Bottle Holder and 2 Glass Holder – for Concerts, Park, Beach, Breakfast in Bed, TV Dinners – Complete with 3-Piece Wine Accessories Set

, , Lilu Living Bamboo Wine and Snack Table – Complete with Wine Accessories SetDurableYour table surface is made out of heavy duty bamboo with magnetic contact points to secure the legs in position when folded out so you never have to worry about it collapsing. This table bottle holder will fit most wine and champagne bottles and it has glass holders to fit most wine glasses or champagne flutes.Portable and LightweightThis table is lightweight, portable and compact and is easy to carry by using the bottle hole and the leg bar as a handle or you can pack in a backpack. The hole for securing your bottle of wine can also be used as a handle, facilitating you to take it anywhere, anytime.Multi-UseYour mini picnic table is ideal to use in many different places such as; the beach, lake, at a concert or park, pool, forest or backyard. When it is raining outside or you just want to chill indoors, it can be used inside your home, cabin, balcony or hotel room. It’s great for picnics, camping, sailing, for outdoor entertaining and even breakfast in bed.Wine Accessories SetIncluded in this deal is a compact stainless steel corkscrew bottle opener that has a curved handle for easy gripping and use. It has a 5 turn worm for fluid removal of wine corks. Also included is a stainless steel bottle stop with pourer which seals for short-term storage and opens for drip-free even consistent wine flow pouring. The third wine accessory is a stainless steel wine drip collar that fits around the neck of a wine bottle to absorb any drips that may run down the bottle after pouring.Recess Design Glass HoldersThe multi-use holder is not only perfect for placing all kinds of wine glasses, but it is also suitable for placing beer and soda cans and tumblers with flat bottoms.What’s Included?

– 1x Wine and Snack Table
– 1x Corkscrew Bottle Opener

– 1x Bottle Stop with Pourer
– 1x Wine Drip Collar

This durable table can be used both indoors and out and has a bottle holder with supporting leg bar and 2 glass holders.
Your portable and easy to store table has foldable legs with magnetic contact point to secure the legs in position when folded out.
This table is crafted from bamboo with its beautiful grain and would make the perfect gift.
Included in this offer is a stainless steel 3-piece wine accessories set that includes a corkscrew bottle opener, bottle stop with pourer and a wine drip collar. Your light and easy to carry 2 glass holder table dimensions are 15” x 11” x 1.4” (when folded) 7.9” (when standing).
Due to the nature of the natural wood, the table may be damaged in transit. Please contact us regarding any quality issues., $27.99, $27.99



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