Napa Valley Wine Tasting | Wine Tasting At Rombauer Vineyards | Wine Tasting At Castello di Amorosa

Looking for a great place to go for you and your friends to hang out in the Napa Valley? Check out a video of our recent 1 day tour with a group of our friends to celebrate a Birthday. It’s the middle of February and we enjoy visiting the Napa Valley during the Winter months. With fewer crowds, it’s a wonderful time to visit Wine Country. It’s also much easier to get reservations at some of the most popular wineries and restaurants. During February, check out the mustard flower blooms that blanket the vineyards with vibrant yellow flowers. Do a Wine Tasting at one of our favorite wineries in the Napa Valley. Located in St. Helena, Rombauer Vineyards has been producing renowned wines since 1980. The winery has a breathtaking view of the Mayacamas Mountains and the Napa Valley below. The wines we tasted were delicious and our Wine Educator Carl was outstanding. His poise and knowledge of the Rombauer Vineyards history and wines were impressive. It’s not easy to captivate 12 people drinking wines, but he did. We definitely recommend you ask for Carl as your Wine Educator when visiting Rombauer Vineyards.
We also visited one of the most unique wineries in the Napa Valley…Castello di Amorosa. The winery is an authentically-styled 14th century Tuscan castle. With over 136,000 square feet, there’s so much to explore. Castello di Amorosa makes a variety of award-winning wines, but make sure you try Fantasia. It’s a delicious sweet red wine and was the ladies favorite.
The wines will get you dancing!
Watch the video and check out the other places and activities we did in the Napa Valley.
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By: The Adventures of Sardinas
Title: Napa Valley Wine Tasting | Wine Tasting At Rombauer Vineyards | Wine Tasting At Castello di Amorosa
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