Napa Wine Tasting on a Budget

Hello YouTubers, today we are going to explore four Napa wineries on a Budget. Now that I have your attention, don’t forget to subscribe if you like this kind of stuff.

Napa Valley is located in Northern California and is known around to have some of the best wine in this world. But if you have ever visited Napa, it can also cost you a pretty penny to try a taste of some of this good wine. Before we jump into some affordable wine tasting, let’s stop by Gott’s Roadside. Gott’s has some killer burgers with plenty of options. If you are just ready to start drinking they also have an impressive wine menu.

Now that you have a full belly, let’s start our list with the first winery. Sutter home. Sutter home has a spacious tasting area, with additional space if needed. They can accommodate almost any size party. The ambiance was pleasant, the staff was very welcoming and accommodating. This winery was unique in that they also provided tastings of sauces such as bbq or mustard. The wine tasting fee is $0 for the basic set or $5 if you want to upgrade. For such a small price, it is totally worth upgrading to the better option.

The second winery on our list is Heitz Wine Cellars. This tasting room is a bit more intimate than the last location. The ambiance was a bit more homey with couches to sit on and a fireplace. This location was quite popular, but the staff made sure everyone was taken care of. This winery has a beautiful rest area in the back that overlooks their vineyard. The trickling sound of the fountain was just the perfect way to relax.

On to our third winery, we are going to stop at Rutherford Ranch winery. This winery isn’t as cheap as the other options, but if you catch a sale or Groupon, you can get away with a wine tasting and chocolate pairing for under $12/person. The staff was extremely accommodating to handle a large party such as ours, even as we had made last minute changes. This winery is a bit fancier than the last couple. There is plenty of natural lighting and extra seating outside

Finally, the fourth winery we visited is not really a winery but Mumm Napa winery. The tasting fee for this location is $25 a person, which seems pricey, but actually is pretty affordable in comparison to other wineries in this location. The grounds are large and have the opportunity to do tours. This winery has a lot of items in their gift shop to take home with you. This location was very busy, but there seemed to be staff along the way to help guide to where you needed to be. This is definitely a good stop if you are in need to finish you day off with some bubbly.

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Title: Napa Wine Tasting on a Budget
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