NEWKITCHEN Wine Bottle Condoms Set of 8, Natural Latex Wine Stoppers, Gag Gifts for Adults, Hilarious Wine Gift for Wine Lover, Bachelorette Gifts, White Elephant Gifts, Adult Christmas Gifts

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newkitchen wine bottle condomsnewkitchen wine bottle condoms

BEST Adult Party Wine Accessories

Associate wine with the condoms, full of funny, also useful!

It is no doubt that these wine stoppers will induce everyone in the party to laugh.

Misleading packing and shape, but please remember, it is just wine gifts, lol.

Bring a laugh and fresh for your party!

Product Features

wine bottle condom package

wine bottle condom package

Others damage package

Others damage package

Get more for less cost

Get more for less cost

Our Elegant Gift Box

An elegant gift box: 1.6mm thick hard cardboard and gold stamping logo.

It’s great to use at various parties and give to wine lovers and friends.

Other Damaged Boxes

When you receive a damaged gift box, it will undoubtedly make you very frustrated.

Our gift boxes used 1.6mm thick hard cardboard which can minimize box damage.

Get more for less money

Get more with less money, this is a very cost-effective choice.

Randomly Placed in Refrigerator

Randomly Placed in Refrigerator

99% Not Leak

99% Not Leak

Can Be Put in Your Pocket

Can Be Put in Your Pocket

Randomly Placed in Refrigerator

Stored upright or lying down in the refrigerator, these wine bottle condoms are not like wooden stoppers or other wine stoppers have extra length. You can choose your preferred posture.

99% Not Leak

These natural latex wine bottle condoms have excellent flexibility to adapt to different sizes (bottleneck). The leak-proof technology allows you to safely save wine.

Portable to Put in Your Pocket

They can be put in your pocket or purse without any burden, and taken to a party or other place wherever you need alcohol and drinks.

Suitable for Multi-Suitable for Multi-Occasion Wine GiftsOccasion Wine GiftsSuitable for Multi-Suitable for Multi-Occasion Wine GiftsOccasion Wine Gifts

Suitable for Multi-Occasion Wine Gifts

You can’t imagine these funny gifts can use in how many places! It is sure will draw the attention of everyone in the party, can be as the birthday gifts, wine gifts, bachelorette gifts, white elephant gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, etc!

Product Information

Item: NEWKITCHEN Wine Bottle Condoms (8 Pack)

Size: 4.7*4.7*0.7inches

Material: Natural Latex

Color: Black

5.9 x 2.4 x 1 inches 5.9 x 2.4 x 1 inches 1.8 x 1.8 x 3.9 inches
Pakkawood+Stainless Steel Rosewood+Stainless Steel Silicone+Stainless Steel
Be suitable for
Any Bottle with Cork Any Bottle with Cork Wine (Except Sparking Wine)

【A Perfect Gag Gift】 They will be a HUGE hit at your party! The wine bottle condoms are the best choice to set the mood, breaking tension and constraints. If you want to be the focus of a party and want to make people laugh, these wine gifts are the best gift. They also come with a beautiful gift box, wrapped in a shiny aluminum foil sleeve, which will definitely make an impression
【Fits All Wine Bottle Mouths】Made of superior natural latex with strong scalability, these wine bottle condoms can be greatly expanded from the original size, suitable for different sizes of wine bottles or beverage bottles (Except sparkling wine), no matter the wine is tilted or lying flat stored in the wine cabinet, 99% not leak
【Portable to Put in Your Pocket】High-quality material ensured its elasticity and durability. Just like the regular wine stoppers, simply wash and dry and you can reuse them. Furthermore, they are portable to put in your pocket or purse. When you have finished the party, there are different kinds of wine left and you can’t find its stopper. Take out a wine bottle condoms from your pocket. It is not only a novelty gift for the party, but also a very practical wine stopper
【More Convenience to Use】Many people can not drink all at once after opening a bottle of wine, but it is really a hassle to put the cork back. When you want to drink, you have to use the wine opener again, the second used corks also risk breaking. Using our wine accessories is not only easy to install, just slide it up with your finger to roll it up and you can remove it
【Placed Upright in the Refrigerator】Most wine stoppers add extra length that cannot be placed upright in the refrigerator when use. You have to rearrange the refrigerator. It is really an unnecessary job. These wine accessories provide a new solution that its leak-proof technology means you can choose your favorite position, upright or side-lying storage. It will be a perfect wine lovers gift for someone who is rarely finishing a bottle of wine and tired of sort out, $13.99, $13.99



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