Rebuilding Soil and Rebuilding Health with Jeremy Silva

Rebuilding Soil and Rebuilding Health with Jeremy Silva from @BuildASoil for all of your gardening needs

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In this week’s Wellness Wednesday episode Evan has the pleasure of welcoming on Jeremy Silva who’s the founder of BuildASoil. BuildASoil was founded 10 years ago out of a genuine interest in gardening and a desire to help other gardeners and farmers around the country. Jeremy has grown his knowledge on all things soil and regenerative/sustainable forms of farming. In this podcast episode, Evan and Jeremy speak about:

Why soils are so depleted
What are the best ways to replenish soil
Why healthy soil is so important
Why food is less nutrient dense today than it was 100 years ago
How you can grow your own food even with limited space
What the future of farming looks like
Our bodies are an expression of our external environments, and as we’ve witnessed our air become polluted, our soils depleted, and our waters contaminated, we too have seen our bodies react accordingly. Asthma and other lung related health concerns are on the rise, our bodies are lacking in vitamins and minerals, and our bodies have higher levels of contaminants than they have ever had. By taking care of our soils, we will be directly taking care of ourselves and the health of our bodies. The information in this episode is relevant for everyone and we need to be tackling these problems as a collective.

Do everything with good intentions and connect with your elements.


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By: Elemental Evan
Title: Rebuilding Soil and Rebuilding Health with Jeremy Silva
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