Single-Serve Wine Review: Usual Wines & Wander and Ivy Review

Looking for some decent single serve wines that have less chemicals? When you order wine online it’s hard to know if it will taste good, right? I had a hard time finding reviews for Usual Wines and Wander and Ivy wines, so this is my review of each brand. This video will help you decide if you want to try these online single serve wine companies, and which varietals I thought were best and worst. (this is not a sponsored video or ad).

The reason I chose to post these wines on a fitness channel is because they are automatic portion control, one uses organic grapes, and one is low-sugar and no sulfites.

Usual wines ( offers 4 types of reds, whites and rose and can be shipped in a variety of number of bottles. Free shipping is given on a case of 24. These wines are free of added sugars and sulfites!

Wander and Ivy ( offers about 8 wine varietals according to their website, but not necessarily all available at the same time. They also offer free shipping on a case of 24. These wines use all organic grapes.

Both wines are about $8 per bottle, plus tax and shipping. I ordered both of these during Black Friday and was able to get smaller quantities for free shipping and used the 20% off discount codes available at the time.

UPDATE: since posting this video, I had the chance to try Wander & Ivy’s rose, sauvignon blanc, and red blend. I would not recommend any of them, unfortunately. The white and rose had a similar bad/dirt-like taste to the chardonnay, and the red blend tasted very average like a typical single-serve wine. The cabernet is still the only one I recommend.

If you’d like more help making healthy choices and maintaining your weight while still enjoying good food and drinks, contact me at, where we can set you up with a custom diet or workout program to get you to your health and fitness goals!

By: Holly – Renewal Fitness Coaching
Title: Single-Serve Wine Review: Usual Wines & Wander and Ivy Review
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