Trovety Wine Stopper – Pink Shoe Elegant High Heels Cork for Women, Bachelorette Party Decor – Decorative Stainless Steel Beverage Topper – Reusable Champagne Bottle Plugs – Gift for Alcohol Lovers

Don’t let your wines go to waste again!

When there’s wine, you’re probably out celebrating a victory or giving yourself a well-deserved treat. But what happens if you can’t finish your wine all the way?

Being unable to finish an entire bottle of wine is normal. But this shouldn’t mean that you have to pour leftovers down the drain or let their flavor fade. Lucky for you, with the right accessory, you don’t have to waste a single drop.

Prolong your alcohol’s shelf life with our Trovety Pink Shoe Wine Stopper!

Our stoppers are designed to maximize your drink’s life. Keep your favorite reds and whites fresh for longer, even after popping them open. Plus, our product is crafted to securely fit most wine and champagne bottles. Now you can reopen your bottle like it’s brand new!

Our high heels stopper doesn’t only keep your drinks fresh. It also prevents leaks and spills by capping bottles with an airtight seal. Store your wine or champagne on your rack or fridge without it leaking.

Functional and useful doesn’t have to be dull and boring. We designed our stopper to look playfully sleek and sexy. Our stopper comes with a sparkly black shoe topper that makes your wine bottles instantly look more alluring. It’s a great decorative piece to use for parties and wine nights with friends.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should get our wine stopper:

✅ Cute decoration for your bottles
✅ Easy to clean and store
✅ Can be used at home, in the office, in bars or restaurants
✅ Charming gift for friends and family
✅ Easy to use

Invest in a gorgeous stopper you can use for a long time. Add our Trovety Pink Shoe Wine Stopper to your cart TODAY!
KEEP YOUR WINE & ALCOHOL FRESH – Preserve your alcohol’s flavor for weeks even after opening the bottle. Use our wine bottle stopper to plug your leftover wine airtight and reduce oxidation.
KEEP YOUR BOTTLES FROM LEAKING – Our champagne stopper is designed to tightly seal bottles when you’re done drinking. Make sure that there are no spills or leaks when you store your vino.
ADD A SEXY DESIGN TO YOUR BOTTLES – Wines are already sexy. But why not make it better by sealing it off with our seductive black shoe stopper? This design is sure to make your wine look more inviting.
ONE SIZE FITS MOST – There’s no need to buy different sizes of wine stoppers for your bottles. This sleek liquor stopper is made to fit most, if not all, types of wine and champagne bottles.
LASTS MANY WINE NIGHTS & PARTIES – Our high heels shoe stopper is made with durable and premium stainless steel. It is extremely strong against rust. This way, you can keep reusing it for a long time., $14.99



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