“What A (Virtual) Success!”

Thank you for those who joined our Live tasting on Zoom! We had a blast tasting through our recent favorites with you, sharing geeky wine knowledge, and hearing about what you liked best!

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Here are the wines we tasted:

Chateau Violette 2016 Moulin en Medoc: https://www.wineexpress.com/chateau-violette-2016-moulis-en-medoc?
Folie a Deux 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley: https://www.wineexpress.com/folie-a-deux-2016-cabernet-sauvignon-alexander-valley
Technique 2018 Proprietary Red, Stag’s Leap District, Napa: https://www.wineexpress.com/technique-2018-proprietary-red-stags-leap-dist.-napa-valley

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The Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Red red wine made from great red grapes is thought to be a heart-healthy drink if consumed completely small amounts. They claim that a glass or 5 ounces of red wine each day can help boost your HDL cholesterol degrees since of its high resveratrol and also antioxidant residential properties. Therefore, it secures the aging heart by eliminating complimentary radicals that streams in the body.

How To Select Wine To Have With Salads

It is an old-time concern as well as frankly one that does not have a conclusive answer. What is that you ask? It is what kind of red wine selects which type of salad. Having stated that there is no certain shot response, there are still some wines that will go much better with particular sorts of salads and also their dressings. One point that has to be born in mind and also that is that there are typically high acidic levels in salad dressings and also these sometimes offer to make the wine taste kind of flat.

Choose Your Wine Glass Wisely to Enjoy Your Favorite Vintage

Every beginner knows that taking pleasure in a wonderful glass of a glass of wine is more than regarding taste; nonetheless lots of do not know that selecting the best type of glass to serve a glass of wine is nearly as crucial as the vintage offered. We’ll try to streamline below in a couple of paragraphs some standards on selecting the proper glass to present your a glass of wine Basically there are three parts to a standard red wine glass, the stem the foot, and also the bowl. Generally white wine glasses are held by the stem when consuming alcohol gewurztraminer.

How to Taste Wine Like Professionals Do

White wine sampling is specified as the exam and analysis of red wine utilizing your detects. It has now come to be a preferred activity amongst visitors, particularly in the United States, France as well as Italy. You don’t need to see vineyards to discover how to taste white wines, however.

White Wine Basics for Beginners

White white wine, like its red relative has beginnings that go back centuries. While not as well-known as red white wine for its health advantages, gewurztraminers still possess much of the same advantages if eaten in small amounts. Choosing a white a glass of wine can be equally as discouraging a task as picking a red as well as with the vast options available today. On the other hand, it’s additionally a terrific opportunity to check out and tip outside a few of the much more popular ranges and branch off to find what the world of gewurztraminer has to provide. This short article details some of the more preferred white red wines commonly offered as well as a pair of others that the novice might not recognize with yet are worth a 2nd look.

Everything You Need To Know About Wineries

A winery is a building or home that generates red wine. Vineyards can also be an organization involved in the manufacturing of wine, for example, a wine firm. Some wine business may possess several vineyards, while others just buy from a winery proprietor.

Hand Blown Wine Glass – Choosing the Best Wine Glass

Virtually everyone knows that red wine glass that you are utilizing can substantially influence the taste of the a glass of wine that you are taking. This is the reason that there are a great deal of individuals who are investing a great deal of cash simply to be able to locate the ideal hand blown white wine glass for them. In this article, I will certainly be describing to you some of the things that you need to recognize regarding choosing the most effective red wine glass. I will be describing to you some of the differences that you can expect from red wine glasses as well as exactly how it can assist you obtain better impressions from your site visitors or visitors.

Wine and Appetizer Pairing Party

A glass of wine and also appetizer pairing parties are a great deal of enjoyable, and also make terrific events for almost any type of occasion – wine pairing includes an element of passion, and finger foods/appetizers/small bites are every person’s favorite means to consume nowadays. Whether dressy or casual, a wine and also appetizer pairing event just may be the following perfect celebration to toss! With a food selection made totally of appetizers/small bites, you can easily offer a wide range of different preferences, and also all-appetizer food selections enables guests to delight in every party-goers preferred activity – chomping while interacting. Completely, it’s a hit party formula!

Why You Should Allow Wine To Breathe

It is very essential for sure white wines to breathe. Permitting a red wine to take a breath will certainly assist to reveal the covert taste as well as aroma that is within it. The good news is, the procedure of aerating a red wine is relatively straightforward and also straightforward.

Wineries Vs Wine Cellars

When red wines are generated, they absolutely travel through a vineyard as well as perhaps with a wine rack too. Yet this doesn’t imply that the 2 are similar. They serve two completely different functions as well as are not necessarily linked with each other.

The Basics of Wine Selection and Storage

White wines are possibly among one of the most popular beverages in the globe. This post gives you some details on just how to choose as well as save red wines for celebrations and various other special events.

Vegetarian Wine – How To Make Sure You Are Buying Vegetarian Wine

Wait … vegan white wine? But isn’t all white wine made of grapes? It indeed is, yet white wine can go via handling actions that involve pet products. With a glass of wine, the troublesome active ingredients enter play during the finishing, also called fining or clarifying stage.



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