Wine Bottle Opener, Wine Opener Kit With Foil Cutter, Wine Stopper And Extra Spiral, Bar Accessory & Wine Gift Set

, ❤ESSENTIAL ALL-IN-ONE WINE OPENER SET This manual cork extractor makes it easy to open a bottle of red or white wine.Packaging Includes√ Foil cutter
With wine foil cutter, foil can be easily removed.Place the foil cutter on top of the wine bottle, gently squeeze the foil cutter, then rotate your wrist and rotate the cutter around the neck of the wine bottle until the foil is completely removed.
√ Wine aerator
Our aerators amplify the flavour of the wine, allowing the body and character to develop rapidly.Simply insert a wine aerator into the top of the bottle and pour the wine through the device.For maximum ventilation, tilt the bottle when tipping.
√ Wine stopper
The pump/cork removes oxygen and preserves flavor until the bottle is opened again.With a few trouble-free movements, the air in your bottle will be expelled.If a bottle of wine is not empty, the cork will keep your wine fresh next time!
√ Lever type wine opener
The lever bottle opener removes the cork in a few simple steps.Place the wine opener directly above the cork, secure the bottle on the holder, and slowly press down the lever until it stops, then gradually return the handle to its reverse position.Success!With the cork removed, you can now enjoy your drink.
Steps for usage ☀Step 1: Fully open the lever, place the wine opener over the bottle and grip the bottle neck firmly. ☀Step 2: Press down the lever slowly to make the corkscrew spiral into the cork completely. ☀Step 3: Life the handle upwards and the cork can be pulled out easily. ☀Step 4: Release grip and remove the corkscrew away from the bottle carefully. ☀Step 5: Grasp the handle tightly and lift the lever upwards fully to remove cork from the screw. ☀Step 6: Open your wine successfully.
❥Easy to operate❥ Simply attach the bottle opener to the bottle, insert the screw into the cork, then pull the lever up and down to remove the cork easily.The operation method is safe and simple, while ensuring that the cork will not fall into the bottle.
❥Easy to use❥ Ergonomic and lever principle design, pull up and down the handle can take out the cork, save time and effort.The classic straight-up performance mechanism ensures a quick opening of your favorite wines.
❥Widely Applicable❥ The wine corkscrew can be applied to a variety of red wine bottles, whether it is a large wine bottle or a small wine bottle, the cork can be easily removed.
❥High quality materials❥ All parts of the bottle opener set are made of high quality zinc alloy, which is strong and durable.We can use them as a handy tool long enough.
❥Great Gift For Wine Lovers❥ The wine bottle opener kit is the perfect gift for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts. The wine cork remover opener set is packaged in stylish case ideal for gift-giving., $14.99, $14.99



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