Wine Bottle Savers Vacuum Pump with Time Scale Record,Stainless Steel Reusable Wine Saver with Silicone for Wine Gifts of Wine Lovers,Wine preserver Accessories for Keeping Wine Fresh up to 10 Days

, , Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and had to drink them in one day?
Have you dumped quite a lot of wine because it is just not fresh enough?
Folalife wine saver pump is definitely a must for you.
Some of the amazing features of this wine bottle stopper:
        ●Real vacuum and 100% seal anti-leakage 
        ●Food-grade silicon and brushed stainless steel shell
        ●Easy to seal and re-open
        ●Keep your unfinished wine stay fresh up to 10 days
        ●Date markers design help you track of the original open date
Operating Guide:
The Vacuum Wine Stoppers is a hand operating the pump,
       ●First, cap an opened bottle with one of the stoppers; 
       ●Second, place the pump over the stopper; 
       ●Third, pump the air out until you feel the resistance, it’s done! 
Record the Bottle Sealing Date on the Stopper Scale, Please noted it’s just a record and it won’t count down automatically.
          ● Avoid horizontal placement to prevent red wine from entering the vacuum pump.
          ●It can be washed directly with water and then kept it dry.
A must-have Wine Accessory for Wine Enthusiasts.We truly appreciate your support!
            Enjoy your wonderful wine time,let us withness together ❤
【100% LEAK-PROOF SEAL】We have promoted the internal structure of the wine presever and passed hundreds of tests to achieve real anti-leak seal. The wine stopper can keep your wine fresh for up to 10 days, just like you just opened the cork.
【EASY TO USE】Easier to use than others “two-part” assembly,just place the vacuum sealer into the top of the bottle, press until you feel the resistance. No extra parts,no batteries,no complexities,that is simple.
【DATE MAKERS DESIGN】The bottle sealer can record the time you last opened. Simply turn the dial to point the time you want.It is just a record and won’t count down.
【SAFE&DURABLE】Made of brushed stainless steel shell and food grade material interior. Tips:Avoid horizontal placement to prevent red wine from entering the vacuum pump.
【SINCERE SERVICE】Our wine saver have a 12-month warranty period 90-day money-back guarantee, if you have any dissatisfaction after purchasing,please feel free to contact us. RISK-FREE FOR YOU, $15.99, $15.99



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