Wine Cork Screw Opener – Rabitt Wine Opener Accessories Set- Lever Cork Wine Kit- Foil Cutter Wine Stopper and Extra Spiral (bronze)

, The Wine Bottle Opener gets you deep into the taste!

The Wine Opener Kit, a powerful and robust wine, offers an unlimited, delicate drink. This opener of a wine bottle lifts the plug at once and allows fragrances to escape. The general summons his trusty commander immediately, the drop ring, to take the eager drops away fast.

The kit includes

  • Foil cutter
  • Wine stopper
  • extra spiral


  • Sharp and safe
  • Better fixation
  • Quickly pull up the cork

This professional rabbit wine opener is lovely at home but also fits summers, bartenders, party organizers, and wine brands nicely.
When you think about how much work you need to open your favorite wine bottle, others already enjoy in their glass the scent of wine with this wine opener set.

Order today and make party life easier with this rabbit corkscrew wine opener set.
✅ QUALITY WINE OPENER KIT- The distinctive design and wine opener is constructed of the best metal, which is not easily damaged, long-lasting and dirt resistant- With shattered and obstinate corks you will have no more trouble
✅ EASY TO WORK- Just remove a foil with a foil cutter and remove the cork with easy motions in seconds, Put your wine bottleneck with a drip ring that avoids drops and stains on your table or counter
✅ A COMPLETE SET- The elegant corkscrew uncorks a single pull into any size wine bottle, The kit consists of 1* opener,1*foil cutter, 1*corkscrew worm/spiral and 1* corkscrew stand, The set comes in a comfortable and stylish package
✅ SMOOTH WORKING- It’s traditional straight-up method guarantees that your favorite wines are opened quickly, Attach the opener with one of your hands to the bottle and pull the heel up and down ,it’s off in seconds with the cork
✅ GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS- The opener bottle set for wine lovers, enthusiasts and ladies is the perfect option for gifts, the elegant case packaging wine cork remover opener is excellent for present giving, $23.99, $23.99



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