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1.It is small, but has some weight. The interior is equipped with air-tight silica gel. All materials are food grade, responsible for your health and safety.
2.Keep the wine you did not finish tasting fresh up to 7 to 10 days and maintain the wine natural flavor.
3.Easy to clean and can prevents spills. Hand wash recommended.

1. Material: ABS, food grade silicone
2. Size: 39 x 40 mm ( D x H)
3. Product Weight: 23 g
4. Suitable for: Bottle mouth inner diameter 18-19 mm
5. Package: 2 pack wine stoppers

How To Use Wine Bottles Stoppers?
1.Keep the wine stopper unlocked before use.
2.Insert the wine stopper into the mouth of the wine bottle, rotate the wine stopper to the locked state.
3.To open the wine stopper, first turn the wine stopper to unlock, and then remove the wine stopper.
Notice:The product size is only suitable for most long-neck bottles of wine and beverages and even olive oil. It is not suitable for wide-mouth bottles and special-sized bottles.

★Keep Wine Fresh Longer: No Spills Or Leaks. It preserves better than the original cork and prolongs the wine freshness.
★About product design: compact design and easy to use. Turn the top counterclockwise to loosen, and turn clockwise to tighten. Torsion sealing is a more effective method than levers and silicone, you need to push inward to avoid leakage. It is easy to lock from the bottle, 100% vacuum does not leak
★Product details: There are 4 steel balls inside, which can clamp the bottleneck. After installation, you can even lift the bottle, not afraid of leakage, you put it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh!
★Product size: The size of this wine stopper is 1.5″*1.5″, which is small in size and easy to store. No need to worry about taking up too much space because of the large size, you can store it anywhere!
★EASY TO USE: Turn the top anti-clockwise to loosen, clockwise to tighten. Twist to seal is a more effective way than the lever one and the silicone you may need to push inward hard to avoid leaking.
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